Maybe a year or two ago I bought some handmade paper made with different plant fibres - corn and stuff that I don’t remember anymore (I should probably have written this down somewhere, but I was dumb). I still had a few sheets laying around that I never used, so I decided to brush pen+watercolour practice on them.

I started with Yusuke and Kuwabara, and then said “oh crap” when I realized I used the pinkest one on Kuwabara instead of Kurama. Then after I finished Kurama, I said, “oh crap crap” because I realized I didn’t have any more. Well I can’t just draw three of them and not Hiei, that would be terrible! So he’s on European handmade paper that doesn’t match anyone else D: SORRY T___T I guess you could say he doesn’t match because he’s the only 100% demon D:

Next time I’ll buy more, label them and redo this idea properly …


24. Funniest scene

I always laugh at this part.

Yusuke: la la la hey this tea’s pretty dope
On the table: Entire GDP of Raizen’s kingdom (possibly)
Yomi: WTF? WTF?? WTFFF???
Yomi’s assassins aka. the Urameshi Yusuke Fan Club: omg it’s yusuke omg omggg~ yuuusuke!! <3 <3 <3
Meanwhile, the invading army - Hiei: LOLOLOL @ YOMI ROFLCOPTERS

I don’t think it’s possible not to. There are so many layers of things and perspectives going on here, including the fact that 10 seconds before this everything was converging to the breakout of total war across the Demon World. Good job Yusuke!


I had way too much fun doodling this. This answer was pretty short, so I’ve thrown in a Hokushin and Yusuke drawing as an extra. Yay!
I’ve also sketched out most of the rest of my answers, and there’s only one that doesn’t have a drawing of Yusuke as a focal point somewhere lol so much for variety …


You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.  People hide it like a paper bag over their heads out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.  Depression should not be taken lightly, it holds us down from our purpose and potential in life.  Those who tell you that it doesn’t exist have never experienced depression in their life, therefore not understanding the symptoms and how it’s something that cannot be fixed in a day!  So if you think you are depressed or if you think you know someone else who is, please talk to a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your life that you trust - never overlook the possibility of seeing a doctor for more professional help!!  Your feelings are real, your feelings are shared upon millions.  Don’t hide it, talk to someone about it.  With the right help, you can rediscover your confidence and begin life anew with our undying love and support!

We are right here!!


23. Favourite Quote

I definitely struggled with this answer the most

* Quotes quoted are a mix of Japanese and Taiwanese (Mandarin) edition translation, as well as English dub. So you know!

OH GOD THIS WAS SO HARD. I wrote and rewrote this so many times. There are so many great lines in the series; plus, my favourite character owns a huge proportion of the best ones in any iteration or language. Want iconic? “Urameshi Yusuke, super delinquent!” Hilarious? (Too many!!) “I can talk trash to people and even touch them! To be alive is a wonderful thing!” Poetic? “If they have their God, then I’ve got my Goddess!” Fanservice? “YOU DARE HURT KUWABARA” x 12905 rofls. And don’t get me started on quotes about Yusuke …

In the end, I tried to narrow it down via a speed reread of the manga, and ended up with two Yusuke and Genkai conversations full of philosophy and meaning. Since one was already touched upon in Day 18, here’s the other:

- Chapter 154: The First Spirit Detective - Sanada Kuroko -

When Yusuke goes to Genkai for advice regarding his discontent after his return to the human world …

Genkai: Everyone has something they can break if they hit a certain point. Toys, pets, lovers, families, countries. Yours is just bigger than everyone else’s. The moment you want to destroy, come here. You can take my life first.
Yusuke: Moron, I’ve never even thought about that kind of crap!
Genkai: Good. Keep it that way.


Sorry about the mess - this really should have been laid out a lot better, but I kept changing my mind up to the point of inking. I think I’m pretty satisfied with the final choice, at least.

Also, Yusuke’s massive flower print shirt in that scene … lol … that’s something I expect to find in Kuwabara’s closet, man …

I was discussing this with my sister, and her pick for favourite quote, by the way, is another great one. It’s Kurama’s line when they’re trying to get out of Uraotoko so that they can all fight Sensui at Yusuke’s side:

"Four against one - maybe Yusuke won’t be too happy about that, but I hate the idea of losing any one of the four of us."

As hard as this answer was, tomorrow’s is relatively easy. Stay tuned~

A star
shining in a universe
far away

My heart
knows that we shall meet again
some sweet day

And you,
you will be the flame that burns
in my breast

And oh,
I know just by knowing you
I was blessed

Yes, I was truly blessed

Heaven, heaven, ooh
Waiting there for me

Heaven, heaven, ooh
Always let it be

So why,
tell me why the good die young
my old friend

I pray
that heaven waits for everyone
in the end

And love,
love is how we cross that bridge
to the light

A star
that is what you are in my
darkest night

Be always by my side

Heaven, heaven, ooh
Waiting there for me

Heaven, heaven, ooh
Always let it be

— “Heaven” by Hayley Westenra, Pure


22. One thing you would change

A few things come to mind, mostly wondering what might have been if editors hadn’t shot down/interfered with Togashi’s ideas, or if he hadn’t been so burnt out. But we’ll never know, so I’ll focus on something we do know.

Tougher Keiko, more prominent Atsuko (oh, I guess that’s two things …)

Even Togashi has said Keiko’s his least favourite because she’s a very typical “manga character”. Despite that, he did a pretty decent job at making her somewhat less conventional, unafraid to hit back at other punks or demons (that are not Yusuke).

This scene - Keiko piggybacking an unconscious Yusuke out of the collapsing Dark Tournament stadium - was erased completely in the anime.

Ironically, while the anime gives her significantly more face time, working her into more scenes (and the English dub makes her relationship with Yusuke even more important, to the point of significant script and story changes), she gets flattened out to be a much blander and more dependent character. Meanwhile, Yusuke’s mom was almost entirely written out, altering their dynamic.
Come on, it was pretty cool that a single mom was so involved in her son’s super atypical life.

Many of Keiko - and Atsuko’s - best moments are redistributed to Shizuru, Botan, or even Kurama.  I get the need to simplify, but it’d be nice to restore some of that lost spunk, unconventionality and rare family relationship.

By the way, many of my favourite Atsuko moments that weren’t redistributed to anyone are during the final Yusuke VS Toguro match, when Yusuke is getting the complete and utter crap beaten out of him. In the stands, Atsuko has all these supremely pissed off expressions, is shattering beer bottles with her bare hands, and screaming in rage at Toguro:


All the while Botan is trying to restrain her and crying that she’ll die if she leaves the protection of their barrier. You definitely see where Yusuke gets it from … Go mom!!

Ack, I still haven’t decided what to say for tomorrow’s topic yet …! Running out of time …!

21. Favourite spirit technique
I toyed with the idea of saying something else, but honestly, who am I kidding. For me, it’s gotta be the classic, iconic Reigun. It’s such a brilliantly, perfectly simple idea. Even today, I sometimes imagine blasting my frustrations away. Mostly work stuff and stupid people haha … (if only …)

Aaargh I accidentally crumpled the paper (more badly than usual) while erasing. :S Tomorrow’s drawing, which I’d already started on the other side of the sheet, will be affected too lol

I think my attempt at this Yusuke hairstyle (I need a better name for it than “vol 17 hairstyle” or “proposal hairstyle” … sidewave hairstyle? mature/big boy hairstyle???) is slightly more successful than the attempt from my Yusuke hair essay. Still not quite there though; guess it’s hard to get the full effect unless you see it in profile.

Yu Yu Hakusho question! Demon World territories


Dear Yu Yu fans, I have a super stupid question about the Makai territories that I’ve been wondering for a while.

Gandara, Yomi’s kingdom, is explicitly named in the manga (well, introduced as a metropolis/capital at first, but then it seems to get used for everything lol). I don’t remember ever seeing names for Mukuro or Raizen’s territories, but on the YYH fanwiki and all over the fandom I see them given as Alaric and Tourin.

What’s the source of this information? ?-? I thought at first maybe it was an English dub thing, especially because Alaric has a very foreign sound to it that doesn’t seem to quite fit to my ears, but after finally watching and completing the English dub I don’t think that’s it. Is it just some very old fandom thing that has since become super prevalent and taken as fact everywhere? Or am I a complete moron and missed something really obvious all these years lol?

alemdomar-f said: I want to know too… all i know is that movel thing place of Mukuro is called Mukade…. i ll try see if on yyh guide have any info ^^… xoxoignore alemdomar-f

Thank you alemdomar-f~ if you find out anything I’d love to know!

dementian answered: I am pretty certain that Tourin was named when Houkushin came and collected Yusuke from human world during the beginning of the 3 kings arc.

@dementian Might you have a sense of which episode? T_T The manga of this part does not give the name, the anime follows the dialogue pretty closely and I don’t believe it having it either. I watched the English dub fairly recently (and was looking out for the mentions during the Three Kings arc) and I can’t find any mention :< To be safe, I rewatched episodes 96-98 and even episode 101 (where Yomi talks about what’s going on in each of the other territories) and didn’t hear anything either. Every reference to Raizen and Mukuro’s kingdoms always seems to default to some variation of “___’s kingdom/territory/country”. Gandara is the only one that is named.

Seeing as the YYH wiki lists all three names, but only has an actual page for Gandara, I’m feeling more and more like this was an early fandom thing that was adopted pretty consistently. But if anyone has any more definitive idea that would be much appreciated …!

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Hey this lineart doesn’t look that bad!

*turns off sketch layer*

Ahhahahaha (in my case it’s like after I erase all my pencil lines)